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Autobiography of a Lawyer: The Most Important Part of a Firm’s Site

A recent Legal affiliate Corporate Counsel blog post, “For In-House Counsel, Work Is Happening Online,” highlights the increasing use of Web-based resources by in-house counsel. The article, based on the 2015 Canadian Legal Digital Survey conducted by fSquared Marketing, discusses why and how corporate counsel look to the Internet to help them accomplish their work—including the work of identifying, vetting and hiring outside counsel. According to the article, one of the top reasons that in-house counsel use Web-based resources is...
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For In-House Counsel, Work Is Happening Online

In-house counsel are logging onto the Web more and more often as part of their work flow, according to the “2015 Canadian Legal Digital Survey,” conducted by fSquared Marketing. Here are some highlights behind the mouse clicks: Staying Current: The results indicate 83 percent of corporate counsel use the web to consume legal industry information on a daily or weekly basis; of those respondents, 37 percent use smartphones or mobile, and 20 percent use a tablet. Choosing Counsel: Though personal...
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Lawyer blogs are gaining currency among in-house counsel

“New media is gaining currency among the in-house crowd, with 54 percent reading lawyer-authored blogs to research potential outside counsel”, according to an article published this week in the Canadian Bar Association legal magazine (@CBAnatmag) and shared on Twitter by Richard Smith (@RWS_01), Sydney-based legal business development professional. The article cites a recent survey by fSquared Marketing on web and social media engagement in the Canadian legal market. dreamstime_xs_27638396Of particular importance for law firms is that: “The report confirms what...
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Canadian in-house counsel embrace law blogs

Looking to have your insight and commentary reach in-house counsel in Canada? Looking to improve the chances you’ll get hired by those same same in-house counsel? Publishing a niche focused legal blog may be the answer. 54% of Canadian in-house counsel read legal blogs for legal, business and industry news and information and 54% use legal blogs when researching which counsel to hire. 49% value legal blogs for professional reasons. This per the 2015 Canadian Legal Digital Interaction Survey conducted...
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National Magazine - Canadian Legal Digital Survey

Content marketing for lawyers

The people over at fSquared Marketing have released the results of their survey on digital interaction, web and social media engagement in the Canadian legal market.  It’s a useful snapshot of the state of digital content marketing here, as most similar surveys tend to focus on the U.S. There’s plenty of interesting information in there, particularly with respect to disparity in the views held by managing partners versus those of in-house counsel. For starters, the report confirms what many observers...
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In-house embrace LinkedIn and legal blogs

They are largely quiet lurkers on social media, but when it comes to connecting with the profession, Canadian in-house counsel are embracing online tools such as LinkedIn and lawyer blogs and bios, according to a survey released today. In fact online is where in-house are doing much of their information gathering these days with 83 per cent saying they use the Internet to consume legal information on a daily or weekly basis. And 75 per cent said lawyer-authored articles and...
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fSqaured Marketing Canadian Legal Digital Survey

Canadian Legal Digital Survey: A Labour of Love

For the team here at fSquared Marketing, the first annual Canadian Legal Digital Survey has been a labour of love.  It had to have been or we would have abandoned it a long time ago. Like many good things, the idea to put together the survey, and subsequent report, came out of necessity.  Having come from the New York market I expected to find information regarding the digital needs of in-house counsel and other ‘legal marketing’ related research readily available. ...
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