Canada, eh?

In recent years, there has been an increased emphasis on understanding the needs of in-house counsel, with various reports and analyses circulated in the market. The majority of these surveys, however, are initiated by, and focused on, the U.S. market with the implication being that Canadians find and consume legal services and information in the same manner as their American counterparts. Is this in fact the case?

It is time to gather accurate data on the Canadian legal market so that law firms can better tailor their digital interaction and content strategies to their Canadian clients.

I would be pleased to fill in the survey – in particular as our own [CBA] work underlines the lack of data concerning the Canadian market!”
– Fred Headon, CBA Past President

The survey was distributed to in-house counsel at the top corporations across Canada, in addition to a comparable one that was sent to Managing Partners of leading law firms across the provinces.